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Funding & Bids

Our consultants have over 25 years experience of helping communities write and access funding from a vast amount of funding resources both domestically and throughout the EU.  Such successes have included projects as small as £200 up to £2.3 million for a variety of benefits from water supply, disabled facilities, lighting, solar panelling, vehicles including tractors and buses, equipment, to courses such as teacher training, cookery and nutrition, sports paediatric first aid to coaching school groups multi-sports.

We are here to help you too, this could include funding for a project either you have in mind or a local community project that will positively affect your standing in the community.

A Few Client Successes:

Broadstone Cricket Club

received over £64,000 in differing bids for equipment, courses, tractor, sports kit and IT equipment.

Kirkby RFC

received over £110,000 for levelling and drainage, concrete path, floodlighting, solar panelling, IT and courses.

Exeter Football Club CST and AFC Bournemouth CST

received over £18,000 for sports training and mobile lighting.


Poole RFC

received over £25,000 for courses, new bar facility, kitchen upgrade and floodlighting.


Wimborne FC

received over £9,000 for teacher training, IT and school liaison person.


Young Dorset Charity

received over £91,000 for educational training vehicles and learning

and development training courses. Formore details please contact us by emailing

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