Young Dorset would like to thank Morgan Sindall for sponsoring our coach educator Matthew Spencer for the whole of 2014. This sponsorship enabled local community projects. 

Thanks Morgan Sindall for 2014.

Young Dorset would like to thank Paul Gale (pictured left) for all his help with the charity and work with Matthew Spencer.  Best wishes Paul and thanks again....

Well done lads from Morgan Sindall and Young Dorset for their help with building Cole Hill Cricket Club's new storage shed. 


Matt Spencer, Coach Educator sponsored by Morgan Sindall said "it was good to put something back into the community through our sponsorship strategy" I am pleased my colleague Jacob Warren was at hand to help as it took a little longer to make, we even had to pop off to teach sports at Wimborne First

School and pop back later to tidy up. 


Dorset Cricket Board's (and ECB) County Cricket Development Manager Keith Brewer said "its fantastic to be working with Young Dorset and Morgan Sindall on combined community projects to help our local cricket community".

Thanks again to Morgan Sindall. 


Future events that Matt Spencer has up and coming include:

SNT youth bike workshop roof refurbishment

Fundraising Forest Walk-Run-Ride (5, 10 & 20 miles) 

For more details email Matt at



Coach Educator Matthew Spencer has been sponsored as part of Young Dorset's Corperate & Social Responsibility program by Morgan Sindall.


Matthew is a truly well organised coach, self disciplined and motivated young man who has successfully completed his Activity Leadership program with style.  A hockey player by nature he has triumphed in multi sports gaining qualifications in hockey, rugby, football, cricket and this year taken to slack lining coaching.  Matthew will not only take up this slack! but will be the charities lead in hockey coaching within schools.  Matthew's success has led him into the Level 3 Leadership and Management program whereby he still coaches and manages fundraising events and engages with businesses to help with sponsorship, corporate and social responsibility strategies.

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