Julia's House, Slack Lining the Community &

How clean is your garden.

Julia's House (JH)- Candidates worked three days at the JH warehouse shop aiding in front and back house operations.  All areas were covered from steaming, sorting, labelling, 'shab to chic' furniture refurb and painting. They guys were also part a bag previuos weeks bag pack which raised funds for them to run a balloon release at Wareham Wednesday whereby they raised further funds for JH to buy the specific paint that they use to refurbish furniture.  Well done guys...

Our History

Slack lining the community - The guys ran two community days helping Upton Country Park and Poole Park educate local people in the art of slack lining.  Loads of families enjoyed themselves and worked well together.  The guys also ran three other community events in Poole Park and Sandbanks.


How clean is your garden - NCS candidates decided that they wanted to aid the elderly and community of Wareham by cleaning their gardens.  In total the guys went out every day cleaning five different gardens.....


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