Wave One Calendar of Events




Activity Week One

Local to Dorset but residential i.e. camp out

9th July – Paint balling + Camping

10th July – Cookery Workshop + Rugby + Camping

11th July – Land and Wave + Camping

12th July – Land and Wave/Rugby RFUW players

13th July – Turlin Moor Olympic Activity Day event


Activity Week Two

15th July – Alton towers

16th July – Drive to Lake District, climb to base camp at tarn

17th July – Climb Great Gable + Down Camp at Braithwaite

18th July – Activity Event (TBC) Camp at Braithwaite

19th July – Activity RFUW Camp at Kirkby Lonsdale RFC

20th July – Drive home


Community Project Design Week Three

In Dorset

Project Fundraising Planning


Community Project Activities Week Four

In Dorset

Community Fundraising Event

Sponsors & CSR